Aviation Courses Academy In Jaipur

Aviation Courses Academy in Jaipur

Training programs of aviation courses academy in Jaipur are conceptualised and designed by professionals to meet Industry Standards. While defining the Curriculum, we are equally mindful of the principles of effective learning by ensuring they are:

  • 1. Customised to meet specific Learning Needs
  • 2. Comprehensive to meet Industry Needs
  • 3. Tailored to encourage Student's engagement and interaction

In the final analysis we will not only impart knowledge but will also facilitate you to embark on a journey of discovering your inner self and potential.

A comprehensive study of In-flight and Ground Handling Services and Hospitality Management that define the Functions and required Skills in Services and People Management within the Aviation and Hospitality Industry.

Training Curriculum includes :
  • 1. Grooming and Deportment
  • 2. Etiquette and Social Norms
  • 3. Body Language in Communication
  • 4. Basic and Advanced English