Introduction to the Examination at Jetfin Aviation Academy Jaipur

Introduction To The Examination

Part PRACTICAL TEST AND PROCEDURE Practical test will be conducted over a synthetic R/T circuit. Candidates will be required to use phonetic alphabets and general procedure for radio telephony working. Candidates will be required to carry out communications associated with mobile/or base station typical examples of what candidates are expected to carry out are: preparation of messages for transmission ,exchange of traffic, use of priorities, requesting D/F assistance, obtaining meteorological information, position reports, distress, urgency, safety and D/F procedure.
• International telecommunication, convection and radio regulations
• General and aeronautical "CI" codes signals abbreviations as contained in Annex 10 (Vol I & II) of ICAO. • General radiotelephony communication procedures and radiotelephony communications procedures for distress, urgency and direction finding.
• Procedures for distress communication in maritime mobile services.
• Words and figure used in R.T.
• Licensing requirements of installation and operation of radio apparatus used in aircraft
• Minimum requirement of radio equipment to be carried on a/c as prescribed in Annex 6 of the ICAO and civil aviation authority of India
• Flight information regions in India and main radio communication and navigation facilities available together principle frequency to be used for communication and navigation in India
• Meteorological codes, pre-flight briefing servicing and their usages.